Flint Medical Laboratory can handle all anatomic pathology specimens and cytology materials. We specialize in skin biopsies, prostate biopsies, breast biopsies, and gynecological and gastrointestinal material. We also interpret fine needle aspiration biopsies. Some examples are provided below.

Skin Biopsies                                   

Malignant melanoma is diagnosed by up-to-date criteria, with comprehensive and comprehensible reporting.

We welcome biopsies from dermatology specialists, as well as from those involved in the primary care fields. It is our desire to provide you with accurate and clear reports to assist you in the care of your patients.


Prostate and Bladder Biopsies    

Prostate biopsy interpretation is critical, so that early and treatable tumors are diagnosed appropriately.

Dr. Nader Bassily is a board-certified pathologist who completed two additional years of fellowship training in urological and surgical pathology at the University of Michigan. He is the director of our urological pathology services.

We offer up-to-date methods to assist in the recognition of small volume cancers in prostate core biopsies, including immunocytochemical methods. This can allow accurate diagnosis without the need for repeated biopsies.

Breast Biopsies                               

Breast cancers can often be detected at early treatable stages using image-guided methods such as core and mammatome biopsy.

All of our pathologists are accomplished and experienced in the interpretation of a wide range of breast biopsy material. These include core biopsies, mammatome biopsies, incisional and excisional biopsies. Challenging image-guided biopsies for the evaluation of microcalcifications can be assessed with polarized light microscopy to identify calcium oxalate crystals that can be missed by routine microscopy.

Fine needle aspiration biopsies represent additional challenges. Dr. David Wiese is also subspecialty certified in cyto- pathology, with expertise in this area.


Gynecological, Gastrointestinal and Other Biopsies                        

Cervical biopsy (left) shows HPV changes. Colon biopsy (right) shows collagen-ous colitis.

Flint Medical Laboratory pathologists also have a broad range of experience in the interpretation of specimens from a variety of other sites.

Gynecological specimens can include cervical, endocervical and endometrial biopsies. We also evaluate cervical conization specimens, both LEEP and cold cones.

Gastrointestinal biopsies are evaluated with up-to-date concepts. We have particular interests and experience in colorectal cancer diagnosis. Other areas of interest include the diagnosis and surveillance of dysplasia in Barrett’s and ulcerative colitis.


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